ACT 42 Hour Program

ACT 42 Hour Program

ACT Test-Prep. | 42-Hours Program

Rocket City Learning Center’s most comprehensive test-preparation course for the ACT yet. 

  • Recommended Grade and Score: 11,12 with Current score >22 
  • 42 Hours of total prep 
  • Potential Increase of score will be +5 (** Conditions Apply) 
  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:6. 
  • A total of 7 practiced tests will be conducted. 
  • 12-hour review of grammar and math, which are critical to succeeding on the ACT 
  • Careful breakdown of all 4 sections: English, Math, Reading, & Science 
  • 42-hours devoted to test-taking strategies 
  • 1 Timed Mock test at the end of the Prep. (3-4 hours) 
  • Homework Assigned for Each Week 

On top of all that, we will provide a book including 6 previous ACTs excluding the mock-test of the most recent exam edition available. As many additional tests as requested will be provided for guided practice. 

Early bird discounted price ends 10 days before the class start.

 Regular Price $1050 ($25/hour)  – Early Bird Price $840 ($20/hour) 

ACT 42 Hours July Test: 07/16/2022 ( Weekday Class)

Class Time: 2-5 MWF

Class Starts : 6/08/2022

Location: Online and In-Person

Regular Price $1050 - Early Bird Price $840