Python Classes

Python Classes

The most fun and effective way for kids to learn coding this summer! Join our summer class for kids to learn Python Programming. Take a small group course in python programming that is highly interactive and taught by our friendly, expert teachers.

RLC Summer Programming includes learning Decimal to binary conversion, Introduction to programming, Variables, Data types, type conversion, input, output, Operators, Flow control using loops, and decisions, Functions, Recursion, Modules.

Our Summer Python program starts in first week of June and lasts for 8 weeks with 90 minute classes taking place on every Tuesday and Thursday.  Theses classes are for Raising 7th-12th Graders. 

Summer Python Programming Classes

05:15 - 06:45 pm

Class Starts: 7th June through 28th July

Location: Madison, AL

8 Weeks Course - $600 early bird ends 10 days before the class starts; $720 Regular Price