Praveena Kommidi

Praveena Kommidi

Founder & CEO, Rocket City Learning Center

Cell: 256-714-7357 (Text Preferred)

For Tutoring Request: Call or Text 2562515447

Know a little about me before you meet-
Dr. Praveena Kommidi is an educator, speaker, coach, volunteer, entrepreneur, mentor, mom, wife, friend, and catalyst. Her vision and mission are, in her own words, “To possess ultimate freedom to inspire, contribute, lead, and teach while growing as a lifelong learner every minute of my existence. I mean to live with passion and purpose and to serve as a leader while living a balanced life. I will use my gifts of intelligence and charisma to cultivate self-worth and net worth while talking less and doing more. My mission is to be the best version of myself in my career, my health, with my family and friends and in my emotional self-being, while never settling for less.”

She says she had been running away from physics but somehow ended up with a Ph.D. in Physics! She is a social animal and a doting dog mom who loves meditating, dancing, painting, and walking on fire, crossing her comfort zone every minute of her life. She likes doing anything she can to raise funds for a good cause: crazy 26 mile hikes and going over the edge of a 13-floor building are some of her fundraising exploits.

Dr. Kommidi dreams about a world filled with kids who are fired up to learn new things and always ready to explore new horizons. They will grow emotionally, intellectually, personally, and spiritually with the help of passionate teachers. The team at Rocket City Learning Center operates diligently under her leadership, boosted by her 20+ years of experience in education.  The aspiration is to send every student to college with a full ride while helping each individual discover the joy of learning. Dr. Kommidi applies herself steadfastly, working to fulfill this dream. Feel free to connect with her on social media. Follow Rocket City Learning Center: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Pinterest.