About Us

About Us

Rocket City Learning Center–A Place Where You Can Find the Best Tutors near you.

Enroll with Rocket City Learning Center today and make searching for “tutors near me” a thing of the past.

Deciding how to invest in your child’s future can present you with a lot of tough choices. Should you get a tutor to ensure your son stays on top of his GPA and doesn’t fall behind in that Algebra class? What about getting some enrichment for your daughter since she’s good with English, and you want to get into that AP course next semester? How about preparation classes for the ACT, because just a few more points will get your students a full-ride scholarship? Rocket City Learning Center is here to provide answers and solutions.

What do we do at Rocket City Learning Center? It’s simple; we focus on three things:

    • Tutoring – Math, Reading / Writing, and Physics for K-12 Grades
    • Test-Prep. – ACT, SAT, PACT, & PSAT / NMSQT for 8-12th grades
    • Enrichment – Math, Reading / Writing for PreK through high school

Our dream at Rocket City Learning Center is to send Students to college with FULL RIDE while demonstrating the fun in learning for younger children. With our personalized approach, Rocket City Learning Center works with students and parents to tackle academic challenges in a style that best fits each individual’s learning needs and capacity. At registration, we begin with an assessment to analyze strengths and identify precisely where skills can be improved. Whether that’s with 1-on-1 in-person tutoring, online tutoring in classes with a 1:4 teacher to student ratio, or short sessions to quickly brush up on a subject or for an exam – we’ve got you covered. 

Besides improving subject comprehension and test scores, Rocket City Learning Center also helps students:

    • Build self-confidence and motivation both in and out of the classroom
    • Develop better focus and study habits
    • Feel less intimidated by and stressed out about standardized exams
    • Work on time-management and organizational skills
    • Harness problem-solving abilities

Why is Rocket City Learning Center the best option? Let the results speak for themselves.

For almost a decade, Rocket city Learning Center has helped learners of all ages across a broad spectrum of needs by employing the best tutors in Madison/Huntsville, AL;  Atlanta, GA; Chattanooga, and Nashville, TN ; and others from further afield. Our experienced, well trained, and passionate staff has helped our students improve grades and self-confidence. Whether you’re struggling academically or just need that extra challenge, we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams through personalized, goal-oriented programs. 

Reach for the stars with Rocket City Learning Center!


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