What is Pre-ACT

This course is designed for 8-10th graders, the Pre-ACT is a multiple choice exam that familiarizes students with the ACT. Mirroring the style of the official college entrance exam, this paper-based test features questions in four subject areas: English/language arts, math, reading, and science.

Teaching Approach by RLC

Our Pre-ACT classes focus on preparing middle and high school students for the material tested on the ACT tests. Rather than focusing on test strategies or preparing students to immediately take the ACT, the Pre-ACT class teaches the fundamental concepts necessary to excel both tests. In a typical Pre-ACT class, the teacher will review a practice test slowly, teaching the concept behind each question. Classes alternate between the different topics, including Reading, English, Math, Science, and Writing. In time, the students become comfortable with the material and the test itself and will be able to confidently join an ACT prep class leading up to an official test date. 

The five benefits of adopting the Pre-ACT include:

  1. Test Prep for 8-10th Graders
  2. Year Long Prep
  3. Start early to avoid cramming
  4. PSAT Covered
  5. Guided College Essay Practice
  6. Mock Test every 6 months

How much does Pre-ACT cost?

Our Pre-ACT preparation program costs less than many others because our primary focus is on helping teens achieve their goals. For the best results our Year-long prep is recommended which includes Mock test after every 6 months. Fees is $200 per month 2 hours a week.

Pre-ACT 1 year program

$100 One Time Registration Fee. $250 Deposit.

$250 per month *Mock test every 6 months

Teacher Lead Program 1:6 Ratio


3 hours Mock test

Fee $100 ( Can be used for tutoring )

Customized Guidance

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