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ACT Prep – The Key to ACT Success

Ambitious teens often dream of attending a prestigious college, but the competition for admission to the best universities is steadily increasing. If you are getting ready for college, you are no doubt in search of the best ACT prep available. Depending on what works best with your schedule, you may choose between online and in-person options. If you are looking for a center where you can find the best ACT prep online, stay connected with Rocket City Learning Center.

Universities in the US commonly accept the ACT. If you are wondering where to start in the college application process, ACT preparation classes might be the right choice for you. The skills required for the ACT are different from those needed in school examinations. Accordingly, practicing for the test becomes crucial to exemplary performance. The ACT exam will challenge your skills and test your knowledge. Therefore, we designed our ACT practice classes to provide a complete review of content, strategies, and tips.

In-person ACT Prep at the Madison Location:

We understand that some students and parents prefer in-person instruction, so we offer that facility at our center. At present, we provide in-person services at our Madison location only. The curriculum and teachers are the same for online and in-person classes; students will be seated in a classroom setting with appropriate social distancing.

In-person and Online classes at your school:

We provide a short ACT prep class at your location. Previously we offered sessions at Bob Jones High School. Currently, we have prep sessions available at James Clemens High School. If your school does not offer an ACT prep class, ask your administration to contact us. We will be happy to provide test prep for your school, church group, home-schooling groups, soccer clubs, etc.

Online ACT prep on any device:

Squeezing the ACT preparation into your busy schedule can be challenging for many people. We provide online classes to help you fit classes into the active student’s schedule. You can attend our engaging online lessons from anywhere. Our tutors will teach you the strategies to attempt the test with all the skills you need. We use all real ACT tests, which will build your confidence. For example, our ACT science practice test will vigorously develop your foundation in the test’s content and teach you how to approach it. These customized ACT science practices will help pinpoint your strengths and help you find and remediate your areas of weakness.

Can you take a practice ACT online?

As we’re all aware, there are many benefits to online learning. Rocket City Learning Center provides the best ACT practice classes online. Take advantage of this opportunity to up your score and pave the way to your dream college. Instead of worrying, register for ACT online prep or In-Person Classes at Rocket City Learning Center, and we’ll help you achieve your dream.

How much does ACT prep cost?

Our ACT preparation program costs less than many others because our primary focus is on helping teens achieve their goals. Fees are $20-$25 per hour for group classes and $65-$85 per hour for individual sessions.

Benefits of our ACT prep:

  • Convenient online and in-person options: prepare for the ACT at your convenience from anywhere
  • The ACT assesses your ability to take the test: familiarizing yourself with format and content is the first step to mastering it
  • Mastery of content in English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • Careful review of Grammar and Math rules
  • Guided and timed practices with as many extra tests as needed
  • Interactive and engaging ACT prep online and in-person classes
  • Instruction geared towards your learning style
  • Tips on managing stress to help you raise your ACT score

What do students love about Rocket City Learning Center ACT?

Many students love our classes because of the interaction and engagement they experience in our instruction. Our experienced tutors and excellent prep materials assist you in focusing on the individual test areas, leading to good scores. Another reason students love our coaching center is that our tutors help you practice discipline and provide specialized help that is designed to accommodate everyone.

Take advantage of our flexibility at Rocket City Learning Center to prepare with the ACT In-person or ACT online prep, customized to meet your needs. With options of group and one-on-one classes, we offer the best choice for every student.