Group class I SAT Test-Prep.

Our SAT classes focus on preparing high school students for the material tested on the SAT tests. We focus on Content, test strategies, guided practice, and timed practice.

    • Recommended Grade and Score: 10th, 11th and 12th graders
    • Suitable for Students with Curent score >1110
    • The potential increase of the current score will be +200 for every boot camp ( 20 Hours)
    • The number of boot camps needed depends on the current score
    • Teacher to student ratio is 1:10
    • 3 tests per boot camp
    • Careful breakdown of all sections: English, Math, Reading
    • Test-taking strategies, content review
    • 1 Timed Mock test at the end of the Prep. (3-4 hours)
    • Guided practice and timed practice
    • The material will be provided electronically

One on One SAT Test-Prep.

Rocket City Learning Center’s most customized test-preparation course for the SAT. This is best for the students who learn with a lot of hand holding, or if their extracurricular is not letting them join the group classes. 

    • Recommended for students <1110 score
    • Recommended for students with >1370 at least in one section  
    • Potential Increase of score will be +200 (** Conditions Apply) 
    • Teacher to student ratio is 1:1
    • As many practice tests as needed are provided 
    • Needed Grammar and Math will be covered, which are critical in succeeding on the SAT 
    • Careful breakdown of all 4 sections: English, Math Calculator, Math No- Calculator, Reading 
    • Customized, in-depth instruction and practice based on each student’s individual needs
    • 1 Timed Mock test at the end of the Prep. (3-4 hours) 
    • Homework Assigned for Each Week 

PSAT Class

These are designed for 8-10th graders, the PSAT is a multiple choice exam that familiarizes students with the SAT. Mirroring the style of the official college entrance exam, this paper-based test features questions in four subject areas: English/language arts, math, reading, and science.

The five benefits of adopting the PSAT include:

    • Test Prep for 8-10th Graders
    • Year Long Prep
    • Start early to avoid cramming
    • Guided College Essay Practice
    • Mock Test every 6 month

Mock and Seminars

Rocket City Learning Center’s last-minute test-preparation course. 

  • Recommended for families who want to learn from an expert in the field
  • Careful breakdown of all sections 
  • Q&A session 
  • Gauge your level of preparedness
  • Gauge Time management skills
  • Familiarize with the exam pattern
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Boosts confidence 

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