What is SAT?

These are designed for 10th-12th graders, SAT is one of the standardized tests used for college admissions in the United States. The SAT consists of four sections – English, Math, Reading, and Science – plus an optional Writing section, and is scored out of 36.

Teaching Approach by RLC

Our one-on-one classes are tailored to individual students preparing for the SAT test. This approach is ideal for students who require a high level of personalized attention or have scheduling conflicts that prevent them from attending group classes. The course covers content, test strategies, guided practice, and timed practice to help students excel in the SAT exam.

During a typical one-on-one class, the teacher will analyze a practice test with the student, explaining the concepts behind each question. The course will be divided into sections, followed by a mock test and a detailed review session to assess the student’s progress. This approach aims to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the test and develop effective strategies for success.

Few features from the class:

Rocket City Learning Center’s most customized test-preparation course for the SAT. This is best for the students who learn with a lot of hand holding, or if their extracurricular I not letting them join the group classes. 

      • Recommended for students <1110 score. 
      • Recommended for students with >1370 at least in one section.  
      • Potential Increase of score will be +200 (** Conditions Apply) 
      • Teacher to student ratio is 1:1. 
      • As many practice tests as needed are provided 
      • Needed Grammar and Math will be covered, which are critical to succeeding on the SAT. 
      • Careful breakdown of all 4 sections: English, Math Calculator, Math No- Calculator, Reading 
      • Customized, in-depth instruction and practice based on each student’s individual needs. 
      • 1 Timed Mock test at the end of the Prep. (3-4 hours) 
      • Homework Assigned for Each Week 

How much is my investment on SAT Prep?

Your total investments depends on the current score. Below are the recommendations: 

    • <1040 – 20 hours Prep – 5 hours per section ($100 per Hour- Total $2000)
    • 1040<score<1210 – 16 Hours – 4 Hours per section ($105 per Hour- Total $1680)
    • 1240<score<1370 – 12 Hours – 3 hours per section ($110 per Hour – Total $1320)
    • >1400 – 8 Hours – 2 hours per section  ($115 per Hour- Total $920)
    • Only One subject is needed with other sections>1400- 4 Hours per section. ($120 per Hour- Total $480)

SAT 1-1 (4 Hours)

One Section needed with other Sections >1400

4 Hours for 1 Section

Online / In-Person

4 Hours - $480

SAT 1-1 (8 Hours)

Current Score >1400

2 Hour per section

Online / In-Person

8 Hour - $920

SAT 1-1 (12 Hours)

Current Score Between 1240 & 1370

3 hours per section

Online / In-Person

12 Hours- $1320

SAT 1-1 (16 Hours)

Current Score Between 1040 & 1210

4 Hours per section

Online / In-Person

16 Hours - $1680

SAT 1-1 (20 Hours)

Current Score<1040

5 hours per section

Online / In-Person

20 Hours - $2000

SAT 1-1 (Pay as you go deposit)

Don't know what's right? Pay Deposit.

Deposit covers last 4 hours

Online / In-Person

Deposit- $480

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