Are you signed up to take the ACT? Then it is worth investing in a prep book to help you ace it. Here are many options, and it can be challenging to pinpoint the right one for you.

The prep book you choose should be supportive of your aspirations, as well as your strengths and challenges (essays, grammar, math reading strategies, etc.). Keep the following points in mind when selecting your prep book:

  • Quality of practice tests and questions
  • Strategies
  • Style and form of the content

Here are few prep books that will boost your confidence and equip you to do well on the ACT.

  • The Official ACT Prep Pack

The Official Act Prep Pack Contains a valuable set of six full-length practice tests. Questions in the book are from actual ACT tests, and the explanations are brief and direct. Descriptions of the concepts and skills required for the tests are detailed and easy to understand. This book provides strategies, tips, and tricks to help students improve their scores.

  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT  04 1511                     

Cracking the Act Prep Book is good at clarifying the basics and making it simple to learn all the subjects with reduced anxiety. This book has a clear layout of the basics and is easy to follow.

  • Act Prep Black Book

Act Prep Black Book is highly recommended for students seeking strategies and skills for the math section. This prep book provides practice tests with clear instructions for approaching all types of questions; it also includes exercises for allocating the appropriate length of time to be invested in each question.

  • The Underground Guide: Up Your Score ACT

The Up Your Score Act Prep Book is an alternative to tedious, uninspiring books. The study guide uses a fun methodology for exam preparation and humorously explains the concepts. This book helps you deal with stress and offers advice to boost your confidence during the test.

  • Manhattan 5lb Book of ACT Practice Problems

The Manhattan 5 lb. Book of ACT Practice Problems is the counterpart to the official ACT guide and official ACT website. It has 1,800 practice questions written by experts, covering all essential topics for the ACT exam.

Along with these prep books, it is highly recommended that you check out ACT prep courses. At RCLC, you may choose from our multiple online ACT prep programs. Our prep courses are in-depth, with a personalized approach to your learning, so we can help you to customize and stick to your study plan, track your progress, and accomplish your goals.

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