ACT Fee and Late Fee Registration

ACT Fee and Late Fee Registration

ACT, the American College Test, is an entrance exam for college-bound students. The test analyzes a student’s eligibility for entrance into their desired college. There are five sections in an ACT: Math, Science, English, Reading, and Optional Writing.

The Organization of American College Testing allows high school students to sit the ACT up to eight times. It is essential to know the exam fee structure and the fee for late registration.

Below you will find the details of the ACT fee registration and test options.

Exam Fee Structure and Late Fees

Registration usually starts two to three weeks before the exam dates, so students should keep apprised of the latest information on the official ACT website. A final decision must be made as to the best test date. The fee is non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

The ACT Test Options:

The Full ACT, excluding the Writing


The Full ACT, including the Writing


If you want to change the TEST option

$25 (written request)

 All options include a test report for you and your high school, and the codes are provided for up to four colleges.

Late fee Registration:

The Late Fee is charged two weeks after the regular deadline for the Test registration. The cost for late registration is $36, which must be paid along with the standard test fee. Hence, the overall price for the test, including the late fee, would be:

The Full ACT, excluding the Writing


The Full ACT, including the Writing


If you want to change the test date or test center, the change fee is $40.

Standby Testing

Students who miss the late deadline to register for an ACT date may still be able to take the exam under an option known as standby testing. This option allows test-takers to register late and, depending on the seat availability and the number of no-shows at a given test center, still take the exam. The Standby Request Period (date range that students can sign up for standby testing) begins the day after the late registration deadline and lasts a week to ten days. The fee is $63. Test centers admit standby test takers on a first-come, first-served basis, so get to the testing center early. Students taking a test on Standby must bring acceptable photo identification and their printed Standby Ticket. If you are not admitted to the test, your standby request fees will be refunded by the ACT.

We hope this information will be sufficient to get you started on registration for the exam. We would be happy to provide more details at your request.

We wish you great success on your ACT Test!

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