Right time to Apply for College

When is the right time to Apply for College?

Students getting ready for college entrance may be relieved or, conversely, overwhelmed because college application times run concurrently in the United States. Be aware of the intake deadlines for admission to your selected Universities.

Remember this tip: The earlier you start the application process, the better your chances of being awarded a scholarship and getting into your dream university.

Start the process in your Junior Year.

September would be the perfect time for you to select a college. Take time to talk to your school counselor first, discuss your interests and goals for after high school, talk about the universities you are interested in, and consider the universities that offer related scholarships.

Now, make a list of universities you would like to visit during the tour period from October to December. When you are visiting a college or university, make sure you consult this checklist:

  1. The ranking of the University/ College
  2. The course you wish to choose is recognized
  3. The University/ College provides appropriate student counseling.
  4. The University/ College has social outlets (clubs etc.) that align with the student’s interests.
  5. In January, make a list of your final 3-5 college choices. Thoroughly examine the application requirements and guidelines. You are now all set to start budgeting for your exam, application fees and miscellaneous costs.
  6. Start implementing your strategy in March. Obtain 2-3 letters of recommendation and sign up for the August test (SAT/ACT). You will have ample time to prepare for the exam. Remember, you might be eligible for a fee waiver on the tests, so check that out!

Congratulations, you are Senior Now!

After taking the tests ACT/ SAT, start applying to the colleges/ universities and research privately sponsored scholarship opportunities. The FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid) accepts applications from October 1st. Apply early!

Keep your calendar updated on your calendar, regarding approaching dates. Do not miss those deadlines!! Continue working on your applications and submit your transcripts to the universities and colleges through November. Complete the application process by December or January: this will allow you to receive any offer letters and financial aid awards by the end of April. You can look for student loan applications in May, if necessary.

Rushed applications always cause anxiety and unnecessary last-minute stress. Late applications may also decrease your chance of getting accepted into your dream university. Instead of stressing and facing issues caused by procrastination, start the process as early as possible and make time to enjoy your senior year.

Implementing these tips and guidelines will help you achieve your dreams and goals! Best wishes for a stellar future!

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