Strategies to Improve English Vocabulary


The English language is rich in vocabulary and so there’s something to learn every day. There are different avenues to learn new vocabulary and words forms: books, poems, journals, essays and many more.

Why is a good vocabulary essential for students?

Learning how to write and read using a good vocabulary every day helps you broaden your expression and sharpen your description of emotions and ideas. New terminology becomes more valuable through time and practice. The key to gaining these benefits is to use words that are both complex and common with equal precision.

Here are a few helpful strategies for developing your learning skills in vocabulary.

1.     Develop a Reading Habit: It is easier to recall words you have seen written in a novel or a newspaper.

2.     Use the Dictionary or Thesaurus: Searching for definitions and synonyms of words can jog your memory and improve usage.

3.     Play Word Games: Keep a list of words you learn while playing games such as Scrabble or Boggle or doing Crossword Puzzles.

4.     Use Flashcards: Using flashcards or a smartphone app. are quick ways to learn a word a day.

5.     Subscribe to Word of the Day feeds: Platforms like email, apps or websites offer the option of a daily pop-up to teach or reinforce your understanding of the word for the day.

6.     Use Mnemonics: This is a device (as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations) that helps you remember word definitions and their proper usage.

7.     Practice new words in a Conversation: Using new vocabulary is the critical step in remembering the words that you have learned. Practice using them in conversations where you can understand the context.

There are other simple steps that you can use to learn vocabulary every day: Watching TV or movies is a painless way to acquire new vocabulary. You can also listen to music, try to write down the lyrics and look up the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Finally: To make Vocabulary Improvement a permanent habit, integrate it automatically into your daily workflow.

For more tips and learning skills, Join Rocket City Learning Center. We wish you good luck in your academic journey.





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